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Hydro Electric Power - Projects and Costings

Have you got a hydro energy project, either existing or planned? Then we would like your help to put together real facts and figures, problems and issues, tips and advice for others interested in hydro electric turbines, hydro electric energy and general hydro power issues. Your experience may help us all work towards sustainable living and reducing our carbon footprint.

Unfortunately we do not have any hydro projects at the moment - if you can help please contact us.

Welcome to - the site specifically designed for those aiming for modern but sustainable living. Here you will find articles and links looking at both the environmental and economic benefits of systems and equipment available to those wanting to embrace sustainable living. If you are interested in individual sustainable projects, then the links to these appear below the news items under the various menu categories.

Sustainable Living - Hydro-electric Power

8/18/2010 7:15:04 AM
World's biggest tidal turbine for Orkney
Atlantis Resources Corp is to test the world's biggest tidal turbine in the waters off the Orkney next year. The AK-1000 turbine, which has a capacity of 1 megawatt (MW) will be deployed at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) test site in Orkney and should poawer 1,000 homes.

8/17/2010 7:25:30 AM
Scotland's CARES fund closes due to excess demand
Scotland’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) has closed to new applicants due excess demand. The fund, has already exceeded its £13.5m budget having assisted 300 community groups invest in renewable technologies including solar panels, biomass and wind turbines since its launch in May 2009.

8/6/2010 10:52:53 AM
Feed In Tarrifs - Great for renewables but check the figures
The UK’s Feed In Tariffs (FITs) for small scale generation of renewable power were introduced by the last government and came into force on April 1st 2010. Basically, anyone who installs renewable technology up to 5MW) will be paid a set amount for the power they generate, regardless of whether they use it for their own use or not. Be warned though, the figures can be misleading.

8/6/2010 7:00:44 AM
Green subsidies dwarfed by those for fossil fuels
Bloomberg New Energy Finance preliminary analysis has highlighted a wide gap between government help for clean and dirty power sources. New research reveals that despite many platitudes and pledges, governments around the world are spending substantially more on subsidising dirty forms of energy than on renewables and biofuels.

7/30/2010 9:52:14 AM
Renewables accounts for 62% of all new EU capacity in 2009
The "Renewable Energy Snapshots" report, recently published by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), shows that renewable energy sources accounted for 62% (17GW) of the new electricity generation capacity installed in the EU27 in 2009. The share rose from 57% in 2008.

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