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UK Grants, Financial Incentives and Legal Issues

Countries around the world are constantly coming up with new ways to achieve climate change targets and the UK is no exception. This means that grants and financial assistance may be available for those wishing to reduce their environmental inpact.
The information is included in the articles and links above. If you have any experiences or information that others may benefit from, please contact us.

Welcome to - the site specifically designed for those aiming for modern but sustainable living. Here you will find articles and links looking at both the environmental and economic benefits of systems and equipment available to those wanting to embrace sustainable living. If you are interested in individual sustainable projects, then the links to these appear below the news items under the various menu categories.

Sustainable Living - Grants and legal issues

10/20/2010 6:54:51 AM
Britain launches smart grid project
Plans for Britain’s largest smart-grid project have been released. The project encompasses 14,000 homes and businesses and will test the impact of low carbon technologies, such as electric cars and solar panels, on the grid, in order to ultimately help British homes and businesses cut their carbon footprint, reduce their energy use, and save significant money.

10/20/2010 5:27:30 AM
EU Project to accelerate use of LED lighting
The European Uniion's three-year Consumerising Solid-State Lighting (CSSL) project aims to develop technology and application breakthroughs as well as new market approaches in order to speed up the availability of affordable high-quality LED lamps to replace the ordinary light bulb in the home.

9/20/2010 6:28:18 AM
New venture to develop low cost plastic solar cells
Cambridge Enterprise, the University of Cambridge’s commercialisation office, and the Carbon Trust today announced the launch of Eight19 Limited, a new solar energy company which will develop and manufacture high performance, lower cost plastic solar cells for high-growth volume markets.

9/20/2010 6:00:01 AM
EV support scheme for the North East
The regional development agency, One North East has created the Charge Your Car scheme, which will educate motorists about where they can charge their electric vehicles in their local area. To be launched on October 1st, the initiative provides drivers with tags to access charging points.

8/19/2010 12:29:26 PM
Big subsidies coming in Shanghai for electric and hybrid vehicles
Shanghai'is developing plans to promote green cars in the city in a bid to clear up the cities automotive smog. Residents who buy a plugin hybrid will receive a 20,000rmb subsidy, and pure electric vehicles will get 40,0000 to 50,000rmb. Shanghai is leading the way in electric and hybrid car development thanks to its domestic automotive giant, SAIC. Even our old Rover 75 is coming in hybrid and electric variants.

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