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Welcome to - the site specifically designed for those aiming for modern but sustainable living. Here you will find articles and links looking at both the environmental and economic benefits of systems and equipment available to those wanting to embrace sustainable living. If you are interested in individual sustainable projects, then the links to these appear below the news items under the various menu categories.

realityGreen's Editor - Chris Floate

editor editor, is Chris Floate. Chris has been involved with writing and editing magazines which cover environmental issues since the mid 1980's.

Having a background prior to this in technical writing, Chris took on the editorship of Recycling World in 1987. The title was aimed at those individuals and businesses involved in recycling at the time. During his 14 years, the recycling industry developed from what was very much a financially driven market to the environmentally driven market it is today.

Recycling world was at the forefront of this fast changing and developing market, giving in depth analysis and direction to the growing need for environmental awareness. Whilst still editor of Recycling World, in 1998 Chris took on the editorship of The Landscaper, the leading magazine for the landscape trades. His understanding and care for the natural world, coupled to his long standing belief in the benefits of beautification of our surroundings ensured the success of The Landscaper. After 5 years at the helm he was ready to take on a more practical challenge.

natural swimming pondThe natural swimming pond gave Chris the opportunity to create an area in a garden that enhances natural wildlife whilst at the same time, creating an area of beauty that can be enjoyed throughout the year, particularly on the occasional balmy summers day.

The water is kept clean by natural processes and no chemicals are used. The plants and clean water attract all sorts of wildlife but especially the dragonfly, frog and the newt who happily share in this oasis of pleasure. Those interested can find our more by visiting Mountain Pools. It's well worth a look!

self sufficiency Chris lives with his wife, Angela on the Welsh borders where they practice their own brand of sustainable living on their two acre small holding. They grow their own meat, vegetables and fruit and their aim is to reduce their carbon footprint to zero whilst maintaining a satisfying and rewarding quality of life.

This philosophy is very much in tune with . Chris believes if we are going to achieve sustainable lifestyles, whether in the city of the country, if we don't offer an acceptable quality of life then like the slimmer on too tougher diet, we won't stick with it.

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